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Support Team Training

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network

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Welcome to your Coronacare Hawai‘i Support Team Training!

Please watch these videos, complete the associated quizzes, at which point you will have completed your training and will be ready to join the Support Team! The whole process takes 75-90 minutes, so make sure to block out some time accordingly! You don’t have to complete the whole process all at once.

Note: these training videos and the quizzes are designed to be completed on a computer or tablet. They will not work well on mobile devices.

  1. Intro to Help Scout video
  2. Coronacare Help Desk Queues Intro (quiz)
  3. Coronacare Help Queue Training (quiz)
  4. Coronacare Information Hotline Training (quiz)

After you complete the last quiz, you will be presented with a link to a final form asking you to agree to our Code of Conduct. After agreeing to the terms and submitting that form, you will receive a confirmation email, an invitation to join our Help Scout account and a link to update your phone availability.

If you have any questions, please ask in the #phone-volunteers channel in our Slack, or send an email to!

Mahalo for volunteering with us, your kokua is appreciated.